This is a generational endeavor. More precisely, it's the culmination of 4 generations of incredible women that took a leap of faith to establish what has now become The Cooking Mommas. It began over 40 years ago when Beverly started her own cake decorating business in Oklahoma City that soon expanded into entire wedding receptions and numerous other events that required her to use her impressive cooking skills to cater to ever increasing crowds. That's when Elizabeth and family became an integral part of the burgeoning business.

After several years of weddings, receptions, and various special occasions, Elizabeth moved to Virginia after her husband was offered a job in Roanoke. In an uncanny fashion, Lindsey (Elizabeth's oldest child and only daughter) and her family had the opportunity to move to Roanoke as well after her husband was discharged from the United States Air Force. Soon thereafter, Beverly had made the decision to move out to the Old Dominion as well. Was it restlessness that led these women to start cooking for the crowds again, or just divine providence? Who knows, but slowly but surely, they were back to serving their crafted meals to those that were hooked by their masterful skills of culinary delights. It was then that they decided to form The Cooking Mommas, and add their 4th generation of experts-in-training: Laney and Makenzie.