Our Main Dishes

What do you crave? What makes your mouth water while you're daydreaming at work? What if you could request a visit from The Cooking Mommas right to your place of business or where you work? Do you have a corporate event at a location that doesn't have access to a commercial kitchen? If you've answered, "Yes," to any of these questions, we can help you out! We are fully capable of pulling our mobile kitchen where you need us. If you just want us to come park at your work for lunch, let us know and we can schedule a time that works!


Navajo Indian Tacos

Our family grew up out West where traditional Native American food was served and featured on a weekly basis. After moving to Virginia, it was our desire to share this unique food with the you. It's a piece of homemade frybread topped with your choice of the following:

- Beef Chili or Chili Beans (vegetarian option)

- Lettuce, onions, black olives, diced tomatoes, cheese,       jalapenos, sour cream, & red sauce salsa


Del Rancho.jpg

Chicken Fried Steak Sandwiches

Who doesn't love chicken fried steak? There aren't many haters out there that do, so instead of having to have a fork and knife to eat on a platter, we put it on a bun and made it a sandwich! This is a choice piece of beef cube steak battered in The Cooking Momma's special blend of spices and deep fried to a crispy golden brown. Choice of toppings:

- Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, pepper jack cheese

- Mayo, A1 Steak Sauce, Heinz 57 Sauce


Chicken Alfredo.jpg

4 Cheese Chicken Alfredo

Homemade Alfredo sauce is hard to come by when you're constantly surrounded by chain restaurant options. You won't want to return to the local Olive Garden once you try our 4 Cheese Chicken Alfredo. It's lovingly crafted with all white meat chicken breast, fresh herbs, and blended with Parmigiano-Reggiano, Asiago, mozzarella, and provolone. All of this is served atop fresh linguine along with an Italian salad and a slice of garlic cheese bread.



Footlong Corn Dog

Sometimes you crave just a simple staple of carnival food - the corn dog. Well, you can't quite call it a complete meal until you served up some fresh french and sweet potato fries with it and make the corn dog a foot in length! This foot long confection is battered in our own recipe and served with a heap of french and sweet potato fries and a herb ketchup. 


Succulent Sides

A main dish just isn't complete without some sort of side that rounds out the meal. The method of obtaining full bellies and happy hearts is finding a perfect balance of contentment and satisfaction...and that comes from comfort food. Whether it's a guilty pleasure or simply a favorite from your childhood, our side dishes are created to satiate your cravings.

014 garlic mashed potatoes.jpg

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

These mashed potatoes aren't your vanilla cafeteria variety side that has margarine slapped on top. These are golden and red skin potatoes boiled and mashed and mixed with a garlic compound butter. Look for these served with our signature Irish Stew on cold days in the Fall and Winter. 



Fried Okra

Nothing complements our chicken fried steak sandwich like a hearty helping of our fried okra. Battered in our special blend of spices and fried until beautifully golden crisp, this Southern staple could be eaten by itself as its own dish!


homemade mac & cheese

Macaroni and cheese is quite possibly the ultimate comfort food. However, The Cooking Mommas would love to put their mac & cheese up against any recipe out there because this dish is to die for. With a 4 cheese blend and baked to superbness, our personal favorite will sure to become yours as well. This is also typically paired with our chicken fried steak sandwiches...but it definitely is a meal by itself.


We proudly offer a plethora of desserts anytime that we serve out of our mobile kitchen. We feel that no meal is complete without some sort of  treat that satisfies that sweet tooth in each of us. Our desserts and sweets are scrumptious and delightful. From chocolate cakes to peanut butter bars, pies and fritters, we change our offerings constantly. The Cooking Mommas are always experimenting with new ideas and trying to give our customers something unique every time we get on the road. 


Crack brownies

How about giving our favorite brownie recipe a go? It's a rich brownie batter covered in sweet marshmallow and topped with a delightful rice krispies and chocolate icing. We're positive you'll love them!


momma's handpies

These Southern staples are time consuming to make, but people rave about them. Mom makes them with all sorts of fillings from apple to peach, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. You won't want just one...guaranteed.


grandma's chocolate cake

Grandma has been making cakes from scratch for over 60 years. This chocolate cake is no slouch when it comes to igniting the taste buds. She makes this cake from scratch, and that includes the chocolate ganache and buttercream icing alternated between layers.